24 September 2008

wrestling the rubber croc

For reasons which are simultaneously exhilarating and exasperating, I am forcing myself — at psychic spearpoint — to get back into the routine of regular serious useful writing. It's been a weird and frustrating year so far, and a lot of stuff seems to have not so much stalled as just hung up, as if it's in need of Force Quit and Restart ("Is it doing something? Or is it just sitting there frozen? What's the real difference?").

But now I am back well and truly Into The Shit, and as I try to get this goofy campy monster project back up to speed I had this weird image to visually analogize what this feels like: wrestling a rubber crocodile in a low-budget movie shoot.

I'm exhausted from fighting this large and ridiculous thing. To make anything look or seem right I have to keep a straight face as I do what in any other moment or context would be a series of really overly broad and ridiculous actions. I have to make it seem totally real and sincere, yet do so with the knowledge and understanding that everyone who ever sees it will understand that it is NOT totally real and sincere, but is in fact totally ridiculous. And after every take, every pass, I get to re-set and prep myself for another run at this ungainly inflatable bad boy.

"Great, great -- now, once more... THIS TIME WITH FEELING!"

rubber reptile rangler B


E.C. Henry said...

The way you described your low budget monster movie SOUNDS like those monster movies from the 70s. I used to LOVE those when I was 8-12. I remember one where people were running from man sized mushrooms.

Everyone goes through lulls, Brett. Glad to hear you're getting back up on the horse.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Christina said...

I misread the title of your post to read wrestling the rubber COCK. Mind's in the gutter, so sue me. But maybe THAT is the movie to consider...

marcoguarda said...

Well, you could get rid of the whole thing with a large hat pin...

Or you could reset the mind and find what of the story attracted you on first place -- that gleaming, little streak of silver at its very core [if any].

And dig along that run .


Unknown said...

Tor Johnson would be proud.