14 January 2009

not posting don't mean there's nothing worth posting

Cuz there is.

Cool stuff -- and I mean insanely cool stuff -- is rumbling and grumbling behind the scenes.

I hope there's some good news to post about soon. And if not, I'll at least have a lot of stuff to grouse and complain about.

But this is goooood...
fingers crossed B


greebs said...

Your label confuses me. I always thought it was "a wink is as good as a nudge to a blind MAN" not a blind bat...

Oh, and the actual content of your post? Good stuff, thinking good thoughts for you. Keep us posted.

Blind Bat Man

Ryan Rasmussen said...

A. Yay!
B. Ditto.
C. Keep plugging.
D. All of the above.