21 March 2006

rolling a turkey

Three new posts in three days—I envy the excitement my readers (both of you) must feel.

I had a rare and much-enjoyed Good Day Of Writing today, managing to pound enough new words to push the page count to 69 and counting on the new Rom Com spec. I am refusing to look back and previous day's efforts, opting instead to keep wading forward—mainly out of fear that the work has been utter and absolute crap, but if such is the case, who's gonna know anyway?

Nicholls deadline is something like 42 days away, so all I have to do is average one Major Award Winning Page per day over that span and VIOLA I'll have a solid script to fling against their side alley.

Hopefully things will start to improve a bit in terms of writing time: a few nagging taskls and distractions are starting to fall off the task sheet, and what nagging assignments are left should not normally compete directly for my writing time, but as always, we shall see....


Meanwhile, weird scenes abound 'round the scribosphere. One very good friend just stunned close observers by landing pro management rather suddenly this week. It's both exciting and mildly depressing to watch. On the one hand I am truly deeply thrilled for my friend, but on the other of course there is that nagging sense of "dammit I want that, too!" Jealousy is an ugly feeling to 'fess to, even if only privately (and yes, the irony of using the word "privately" to describe posting on the open internet is duly noted).

Another good friend is making noise trying to talk me into partnering on an interesting script project. I'm still nipple-deep in stuff I need to complete ASAP, but if I can get past this current passel of hurdles I'd likely be very interested in this partner project for a variety of reasons, most prominently the fact that it sounds like a fun premise with solid commercial appeal. "Money talks," and I'm ready and eager to demonstrate my listening abilities.

And then last night I got tipped to tune in to Letterman just in time to see Diablo Cody make her TV talk show debut, an event which should give warm fuzzy motivation to every aspiring wannabee wordslinger out there. For those not hip to the whole wild Diablo Cody story, she somehow went from ad copywriter to stripper to blogger to book author to screenwriter deal in what appears in hindsight to be a perfectly sensible logical rapid progression. (News flash-- for anyone hoping to duplicate her career arc, it also helps to have wicked writing chops and bigger balls than a PBA equipment supplier.)

Stuff is happening all over, and people—people I know and interact with—are breaking through to real success and professional standing. It's exciting, motivating, and somehow a little nerve-wracking, possibly because it serves as proof that this crazy dream is perhaps not so absolutely farfetched and unattainable after all.

"Find a way, make a way."

Damned straight, skippy.
tickled pink yet enviously green B

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