20 March 2006

the brevity ended all too quickly

You had your chance. I posted a small entry, yet there was no tsunami of cheering, no avalanche of encouragement, no mudslide of support, no overflowing ditch of praise, no leaky faucet of appreciation.

So we now return to our more normal long-winded format.

Let that stand as a lesson to you all.



ROM-COM: I've made some recent headway to bring me to 64 pages completed. I still lack a title, and I know full well that a goodly hunk of what pages I have will need to be replaced or destroyed, but hey-- progress is progress, even when it's not especially progressive. We'll see how much time I actually am allowed this week, as The Wife will be around the house tomorrow (she just ended a three-night shift, so she'll now be all itchy and motivated to "get things done," and said things are always HER things rather than MY things, which means I'll be exected to act committed to whatever task she now labels as our Top Priority. This might seem unfairly hostile, but then, I'm both unfair and hostile, so I'm not sure why this sensation should stand as a surprise to anyone.

LILYA: notes scribbled all over margins of the last print copy, and I hope to make a quick run through that script in the next week to make sure the planned mods and tweaks all make sense and have the intended effect of clarifying some motives and such. Hopefully (knock knock) it will be a smooth easy painless process which yields a tighter smoother ore satisfying read. And hopefully I'll win the Powerball drawing and get a fully-functioning anatomically-correct Halle Berry sex-bot for Christmas. Yeah, right.

WESTERN HYBRID PROJCT: it still sits there on teh back burner of my mental EZ-bake over, so who knows when i'll actually have full clearance to chase after this, but I am intrigued by the possibilities there. A cool and serious young director guy wants to see if we can develop this idea into an actual shootable low-budget feature for possible use in teh fall, but I need to geta much firmer grip on teh basic story outline, and then scribble it down on paper (or screen) and then work it out with the director guy, and then... something else, I'm sure.

POSSIBLE NEW CO-WRITING PROJECT: am talking with a cool and semi-established writer to brainstorm an idea she suggested as a possible co-writing project. A dark but funny rom-com thing, it intrigues me, both for story possibilities as well as for the creative opportunities of working with this writer. It *seems* like a cool idea—cool premise, cool characters, cool story, cool setting, cool working partner, possibly very cool rewards if it all comes to fruition— but it's another iron to add to the already well-used fire, so I just hope it works out.

MAGAZINE COLUMN: Need to get busy developing some ideas for a weird column I sorta fell into/created for myself with a local lifestyle magazine. Again, if it all blossoms like it could and like I hope, it will be a cool deal. but if it instead turns into yet one more frustrating timesuck with no upside... well, blogs need topics, too.

In short (ha!), tons of words are due to tons of projects, several of these projects hold the faint glimmer of being The Break which magically transforms me from Bitter Underpaid Writer to Bitter Overpaid Writer, and I know th at all three of you out there reading this hold that hope near and dear to your tiny black three-chambered hearts.


writing like a really hard-writing thing B

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