10 August 2007

unusual but effective query letters?

Still banging forehead on the wall in a largely unsuccessful attempt to come up wiuth a pitch-query which both clearly describes the dramatic project being pimped but also gives a clearer idea of my personality and sensibility. It's a tricky balance to aim for, and one I've not (yet) figured out, but what I need is something slightly bit off-kilter yet not dangerously so, which makes it clear that I am in control and competent, but at the same time coming from a singular unique place...

If anyone has any examples of slightly oddball queries which they have used with success, I would surely love to get a peek.
lost in the woods B

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sweeper said...

Fortunately, I've gotten all my gigs mostly from folks feeling sorry for me. For you, though, since you're such a detestable puke, and I mean in the most heart-felt classic manner rather than in the current vernacular, you'll need another approach. I'll give you an example you might want to rip-off of what a buddy did to get some interviews.

After his internship as an advertising copywriter, he researched and selected 10 companies he'd like to work for. He sent his resume in the form of a poster in which he was depicted as the "High Plains Ad Man" - complete with his photo, a la Clint Eastwood, in south-of-the-border poncho, dusty cowboy hat, nearly finished cigar out the side of his mouth, with two stylized pistol crossed over his chest -- one labeled targeted marketing and the other, benefits approach.

Some clever copy below finished the presentation.

He got an interview with all ten companies.