31 August 2007

... but only a teensy tiny smidge

A day or two ago I got good word re: The Nicholl Fellowships, which meant (as I always knew that it would) somewhere the cosmic pendulum was already swinging the other way to counter-balance things and keep All Thing From Turning Good.

Today I get another contest notice, and this time I find Lilya: Queen of the Sky dinked out in the Second Round of the Austin Film Festival contest, just as it did in the two previous tries (at least they are consistent, unlike those Nicholl folks...). That's a Top 10% finish in Austin, and good enough to rate me a discount on my conference badge in October, and also good enough to get me entrance into some cool and semi-exclusive panels, but it's not quite as cool as, say, a Semi-Final advance might have been.

(This is me being whiny and keeping the ego in check. There is no charge for this service: I perform this chore as a service to all.)

So, I guess you win some, you lose some. Some days are advance, some days are dinks.



Shawna said...

I think that's what annoys me the most about not advancing to Second Round...no discount, no special panels.

More time for drinking, I guess.

aggiebrett said...

I'll be sure and take good notes.

And for a nominal fee, I'll even let you sniff them.

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