12 August 2007

hill country hippie

Sorry, kids, but you'll need to look elsewhere for cosmic guidance and restaurant-quality snark for at lkeast the next few days. Your intrepid narrator is packing the van and rolling off to the Texas Hill Country (somewhere near Wimberley) to splash in the Blanco River and watch the kids ride tubes and to drink beer and listen to cicadas and to pretty not do a damned thing til I get back on Thursday.

Oh, sure—I'll take a pair of screenplays to mark up for ongoing re-writes, and I have a pair of books I am looking at with an eye to figuring out how they might be twisted into original stories, and I'll take a football and work on basic offensive sets with the two sons both now in league practice, and I'll continue to brainstorm for possible cool angles to play to maximize my tiny bit of Nicholl steam (and pray that the steam is still there when I get back and that I've not already been dinked for whatever next round looms), and I've got the small matter of a phone conference with co-producers on Wednesday afternoon to discuss pushing forward with our odd little... "idea", and late late Friday I was stunned by a very happy and cool development relating to a query I sent out for the Lilya story (that Nicholl script), so I hope to maybe hear some more good (GREAT!) news on that front, and other queries are out there and arriving on targets even as we speak—but aside from that I'm not doing anything.

So deal with the sad fact that you'll not have me to ignore for at least a few days.

But come Thursday, stand ready to not give a damn.

As you were.
westbound and down B

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