11 April 2006

weird scenes inside the goldmine

Ya know, at some point it really becomes redundant to keep thinking of every odd week as "odd," as it seems increasingly likely that "odd" is just my particular brand of "normal."

It's Tuesday, and this week truly *is* odd, but not because of anything that is going on, but rather for all that isn't.

Among my many NON-issues this week:

• I am NOT coaching baseball every single night of the week as I was last week. This week the league is on sabbatical for Easter Break (a week? when did this tradition take root?), so I have no baseball. None. Suddenly I feel like Inigo at the end of The Princess Bride — I've been in the coaching game for so long, now that it's on break for a week, I dunno what to do with my life.

• I'm NOT planning, packing, or running a Cub Scout campout for 70 people. This past weekend I was the ring-leader for an ass-grabbingly spectacular sideshow on the gar-strewn shores of Lake Somerville (between Burton and Snook, for those scoring along at home...), and while that went far better than I'd feared it might at one point, it was still a brain-numbingly exhausting exercise.

• I'm NOT working on any PTA-related projects like half-scale Dutch Barn facades for 2nd grade musicals, or 6-lane Matchbox racetracks for the carnival, or 4x14 collage/mural/art things for the hallways, or brochures/flyers/ads/posters/yearbook designs for the publications committee.

• I'm NOT trekking to any friend's house or property to help build a patio or clear land or refinish cabinets or install tile flooring.

Instead, what i am doing — or, what I'm supposed to be doing, ought to be doing, damned well need to be doing — is working in the final tweaks for LILYA my damned war epic screenplay that I hope to send in for contest season.

What I need to be doing is working out the new modified outline for the Still Untitled RomCom that I'd HOPED to have ready for contest season (but almost surely won't) and which I'd HOPED to have ready by Christmas to send to a producer buddy in LA (but surely didn't).

What I need to be doing is finalizing the outline to a weird "spaghetti western-and-[something]" piece which a good friend (a cool and serious director type) has described as a totally cool concept which we hope to develop into something he can possibly shoot this fall as a low-low budget feature.

What I need to be doing is finishing the long-overdue notes I owe a buddy on her new English-styled rom-com thingie which she has already subbed to contests when she got tired of waiting for these damned notes I need to finish.

What I need to do is lock my ass in the chair, my hands on the keyboard, and my nose toward the screen, and write.

So what *am* I doing?


Yeah, that's gonna fuckin' do me a lot of good.

OK. Enough screwing around. Time once again to get frosty and kick copious ass.

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suzbays said...

Wow, you're really lazy.