09 September 2009

still mostly nothing

... to report.

There have been some odd rumblings ad grumblings beneath the waves, and there continue to be a few such noises (and some might yet surface and blow steam and become actual official Items Worthy Of Mention...), but for now we're where we've been for a long time now: in a siege, pounding on the walls, and scrambling to find some new tactic or trick to bring to bear to help gain entry into yon Castle Hollywood.

In the meanwhile... real life remains real busy, and might soon get another new wrinkle added to the Pile O' Fun, but (maintaining the theme) I'll not talk abut that until it becomes something worth talking about.

I continue to see lots and lots of blogs continue to be lots and lots boring and non-updated, and it seems clear that Twitter killed the Blogger star, though what seems less clear is how or why Twitter is at all useful for a startling bulk of the people who continue to mass murder electrons via that site. Or technology. Or service.

Or whatever it "is." (And no, that was not a plea for any to offer explanation.)

Austin Film Fest suddenly looms scant weeks away. I mean, I guess "six" counts as "scant," but if not... screw it, who cares anyway.

Austin in October. Football and baseball and Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and PTA and Jr High Band and HS Cross Country and TaeKwonDo and dance and so on and so on until then and after.

Same as it ever was... same as it ever was... same as it ever was... same as it ever was...
once and future B


E.C. Henry said...


Couple blogspots you might wanna take a test-spin at:


Scott Myers has the strongest blogspot going right now, as pertains to pre-pro screenwriters.


I JUST got turned on to this site. Its host posts 4-5 times a week, usually pretty interesting topic.


This is the "Screenwriting Tips... You Hack" blogspot were a script reader makes funny comments about mistakes he's seen in scripts. Almoast always good for a laugh.

Chin up, screenwriter. Soldier on bravely. Remember, the world is counting on YOU to entertain it. If YOU loose the faith, where does that leave the rest of society?

- E.C. Henry form Bonney Lake, WA

Ryan Rasmussen said...

Twitter, Facebook, take yer pick. I'm sure at least some folk are actually busy with big things, even if they remain non-digital. Let's hope, anyway.