30 August 2009

Greatest Song Lyrics Ever, vol. 94

Bright Eyes Darkened
by Slobberbone

You say that love is everything
Then you turn around and sing
About all your painful moments
How in the end she didn't care
For the memories you shared
Despair and inner torment
Yeah, well wait a minute, friend
Stop before you begin
We've heard this one before
So you're on a downward slide
But you've seen the other side
And you can't ask for more

The end of summer's in the air
Do you remember when you cared
About friends and change of season
And a guitar was in your hands
And you played in twenty bands
And you never needed no reason
Yeah, well stop a minute there
Why should anyone else care?
They've all got holes to plug
She's a shovel in your hands
She's a pail of sand
Someone you once dug

You say you gave it all you could
And did everything you should
And you still wound up defeated
And all the efforts in between
Don't amount to anything
Just old mistakes repeated
And it's probably pretty true
But what else you got to do?
We've all got time to kill
She's the TV ad that lied
The drug you hadn't tried
She was a perfect little pill

I've seen your bright eyes darken
Eyes that always shone
So bright I had to close my own

You say you can't live in the past
But you're driving there so fast
Headlights aimed for drinking
You'll sing "I knew it all along"
As the bars they pass along
With the ground below you sinking
Yeah so stop for three or four
They won't card you at the door
They've seen you there before
It's not your favorite place to drink
But a place to stop and think
And you can't ask for more

Sputtering, spent
And wondering where it all went
Your dreams and things you wanted
You built a space for them inside
Where the walls are made with pride
Empty, cold and haunted
Yeah, but who am I to judge
Or negotiate your grudge
I should keep my damn mouth closed
You should call him with the news
Tell him he's the one who's screwed
You just might be right -- who knows?

You should call him with the news
Tell him he's the one who's screwed
You just might be right -- who knows?


Yeah, there have been a surprising number of Slobberbone songs making my "Love It" list this past year. I guess something about drunken snarling indifference is starting to get good to me.

My advice: deal with it, bobo.

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