02 August 2008

what blogs are we reading?

I was clicking down some of the links on the sidebar and realized (again) that I really oughta clean up and update that list, as there are blogs I look at now which are not on that list, while there are at least a few links over there which lead to dead, abandoned, or relocated blogs.

And that got me to wondering just what I might be missing. Once upon a time, it seemed like the "Scribosphere" -- that loosely connected network of screenwriter bloggers -- was a swirling always active crowded party. Lately, I've noticed, a good number of what once were favorite haunts now seem like ghost towns, and many of the bloggers still active seem far less... I dunno, "inspired" or "excited" or optimistic.

Surely, there are those who still remain bullish on this hunt, and I'm curious to know what blogs you crazy kids are finding consistently interesting and enervating. So spill, lovechunks: where are the cool writer blogs these days? Who are you reading? Who gives your chankras a nice rattling?

Talk to me, people.


marcoguarda said...

What about this one?


I copy and past the link from PJ's blog.


E.C. Henry said...


I'm with marcoguara, gointothestory has EXCELLENT content. I just started visiting there, but so far I haven't seen a lot of responses... Love Billy Mernit's blog, "Living the Romantic Comedy," and recently started visiting "The Rouge Wave," which is another exellent content site.

But I'm with ya, Brett, since I started vistiting blogs two years ago it seams like people are visiting them less, and those who do visit tend to leave rather tasteless responses. Don't know why that is, maybe they're just afraid of offending the wrong person.

Anyway, love hearing what you have to say. You always have a take, Brett, and I appreciate that.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

PJ McIlvaine said...


And my blog...you do have my blog, don't you, Brett Boy?

Christina said...

Thanks for posing this question. I've been wondering the same thing myself, and certain I haven't been helping the cause any.

Chesher Cat said...

I only read my blog(s).

And if there aren't any new posts on mine I go take a look at my website.


What am I doing on your blog?

I musta taken a wrong turn and got lost.


On my blog(s).