10 July 2006

tales of a pilgrim in an unholy land

So... the LA Trip was good.

How good? Good enough that i was near-tearful to see it end, but glad to arrive home when I did, as I was starting to feel truly weird and disconnected — that odd "between worlds" sensation when you start to get half-attuned to some new environment even as the homesickness for the old environment starts to mount. If I stayed a day longer, I dunno that it would have all felt as good and right.

So, in the coming days I'll try to post some odd (and typically longwinded) tales of what went down, and what seemed to happen, and what impressions I took from it all. Hell, a lot of what follows is entirely accurate, while the rest is merely just "true."

If any take exception or offense, you are forgiven. Go blog your own lies and near truths.


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