13 July 2006

meanwhile, a status report

The term "ass deep in alligators" springs to mind.

July has turned into yet one another scheduling joke (the 28th consecutive such month...), as the kids need dentist visits, and orthodontic visits, and pediatric visits, and parties and sleepovers and camps and so on, and so on. Weekend before last I was in a hotel on the far south side of the Houston area as part of a little league baseball tournament. Last week I was in LA. This weekend I'll be in central Texas on a family vacation. Week after that is a nother baseball tourney. Week after that it's BACK to LA, but this time with zero time and attention to Hollywood as I'll be swinging through as part of oldest son's big Boy Scout camp trip to Sequoia Nat'l Forest. I'll return just in time to head to another out of town baseball tournament, the then the week after that school starts and it's back into the regular grind.

Which, actually, might be preferable and more productive than life on the IRREGULAR grind has been so far this summer.

Don't get me wrong—there have been some stupidly cool things so far this summer, and by jumped harry I fully expect and demand a few more before Labor Day sneaks up and telethons past like another annual lapmarker. Scripts are out there. People are starting to respond. Connections are starting to blossom into potentially useful relationships. Heretofore disconnected pieces of the puzzle now start to connect to other small sections, so that something kinda sorta like the beginnings of a hint of a Big Picture are maybe possibly starting to coalesce into view.

But dammit it feels like everything is accelerating, and I'm constantly struggling just to keep up. I'm Lucy Ricardo at the candy making line, and the belt is now starting to speed up a little bit.

Hold tight, my pretties. Methinks this ride gets rougher a-fore it gets smoother.



Chesher Cat said...

I'm so glad I don't have any kids.

aggiebrett said...

one eyebrow up B