13 November 2005

Perspective Sucks

I mean, it's not like I have any damned fool delusions that this silly blog is read by more than one or perhaps two people worldwide. There are some six [dr_evil] BILLION [/dr_evil] hairless monkeys padding around this planet, and I can't capture and hold the attention of even enough to field a basketball squad.

That's cool. I can handle that.

But dammit, this is just cruel:

Putting an actual price tag on my blog and showing me in coldly ruthless business terms just how useless and value-free this puddle of verbiage truly is... well, that's like your grandmother patting you on the knee and saying "you know, I'll always love you, but let's be honest — you really are one stupid boring ugly motherfucker."

Some truths are just hard to swallow, you know?

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