12 October 2009

twitter remains the emperor's new clothes


Yeah yeah... a lot of people claim to like it and use it, but by the same token I know people who claim that chewing gum relives stress or that copper bracelets repel aliens or that Oreo cookies invented Atlantis.

"People is stoooopid."

Every time I check Twitter I see a huge long scrolling pile of laughably irrelevant inane uninteresting and (often) plainly idiotic blatherings from folks with whom once I had decent online relationships but who now seem to have given up communication in favor of tweets and chirps and farts and whatever.

It's like claiming to communicate via graffiti. The fact that it might work 2% of the time hardly seems like acceptable justification for the popularity of effort wasted in failed attempts.

It's not like BLOGGING which of course is a totally respectable way to complain, and always a surefire indicator of intelligence, charm, and lack of rationalized ironic bullshit.


Meanwhile, here's a schematic of a rear suspension:



E.C. Henry said...

Twitter: a cute name, and entertainment programing endorcements -- will get you far.

Funny post, Brett. Good job!

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Ryan Rasmussen said...

Of course, you are correct, but FB IMO has also contributed to blogging's decline. And neither twitter nor FB allow one to share the more David Eggersish thoughts one might have. Speaking of, he once signed my book (well, his book, but I was its new owner) with a lovely performative speech act (accompanied by sketch): "This is a stick." Tweet that, suckas!

aggiebrett said...

I like FB -- and if pressed at flaming gunpoint, I'm not toally in hate with Twitter (more so its users...) -- but what saddens me is the weird way that blogs offered so many folks the thrill of an outlet outlet, a stage, a pulpit from which to preach whatever brand of personal nonsense they most cherished and valued, but then, just as suddenly, everyone then became totally distracted and engaged by the shiny ball of foil known as FaceBook and then the shiner smallier foilier ball of Twitter.

hell, I'm now wondering if perhaps the next Great Wave will be something like "Motie," where people do nothing but post emoticons.

And somewhere some venture capitilast probably just dumped 50 million into someone grabbing that idiot idea.

I feel stupid.

And contagious.

Amy Butler said...

I hate twitter.

I have one. :(

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in the ancient days before the internet, where people actually relied on and daily used newspapers and books and letters and manuscripts were typed. Sometimes I think that, creatively, I would have liked it better.

Tyler said...

twitter is pretty good for letting people know all the things they never wanted to hear from you anyway