29 April 2009

curse you, demon muse

Maybe other people have this problem and just don't whine about it as much or as loudly as I do, but I swear: the surest and most dependable way I know to come up with an super-cool new story idea I love is to try and put pressure on myself to buckle down and finish some other existing idea (which usually came to me in some previous annoying burst of inspiration as I was on some previous finish line push...).

I am sitting here leg-wrestling a pair of over-pondered projects toward some form of finality when, on schedule and as usual, here comes that half-dressed tart, the Cool Idea Fairy, flouncing her pert little bottom across my field of attention.

"Whatcha doin', sailor-boy? Wanna have some fun...?"


So again I am beset by a cloud of swirling ideas as I succumb to Blazejowski Syndrome -- "I'm an idea man Chuck, I get ideas, sometimes I get so many ideas that I can't even fight them off! " -- and by the end of the day I will look up and realize that I've scribbled pages of notes and ideas and maybe a third of a treatment for a movie idea which nobody will ever probably see or hear about.

I need help. And a beer.

And cash money. Great honking gobs of yankee greenback dollars.

Meanwhile, my mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

T'ain't right. That's all I gots to say on the matter.

Just t'ain't right, dag-nabbit.
B (victim)


Scott the Reader said...

That just gave me an idea -- Night Shift 2, set in a convent.

Best thing is that it writes itself, so I'll just set up the petri dish and come back in a week.

Thomas Crymes said...

There is a psychological component to it all. Finishing a script is hard work, and it is alluring to the mind to think of something fresh and alluring. It's why I think some people flit from idea to idea never finishing anything (you aren't that). It's an escape hatch.

Sometimes ideas hit you, and no matter the cause, it might be better to just run with it.

Nien Numb said...

Been there, pal.

Earl Newton said...

I feel you, sir.

Ideas are aplenty and cash money is scarce, these days.

"I'm headed out to Californy-way, heard they got some Internet out there..."