01 March 2009

remember this thing? I kinda do...

Just been a crazy hectic January and February, and blogging about the craziness just seems like it would have been another dollop of craziness atop a pile that was already half-sliding to the floor, so "sacrifices were made."

I've been told (by many people, for many decades) that I am prone to whining. I have no argument with that claim -- I know it's true -- but the funny thing about self-pitiful whining is how often you don't realize that it's happening until it's already been happening for long enough for you to have pissed off and bored those around you who might be useful for getting your backside back on track. At some point these friends look up from their own personal pile of poo and say "DUDE -- stop moaning. FIX something or shut up. You've been whining about this for months now."

Point taken, and apologies to those who are owed.

Time to refocus. Recalibrate. Re-load, recharge, and return the throttle to full combat power.

Once more into the breach, dear friends. Once more....



Ryan Rasmussen said...

However: I don't know that anyone else makes complaining so charming.

Still, I'm herewith sending you good energy for your renewal, blogging and otherwise. God knows my blogging has been the last thing on the totem pole these days.

E.C. Henry said...

Brett, you need better content posts. If you're stuck, maybe I can help you. I'm a fellow creative. Don't trust me. Throw something usefull out there and see what your fans have to say. If I were you I'd think of everyone who visits your blog spot as a fan -- as they have taken time out of their lives to mix it up with you.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Unknown said...

Well I miss all the whining. Get bitching, dammit!


MaryAn Batchellor said...