08 December 2008

a sound worth hearing

Right at the 3:23 mark, I break into a stupid grin every single time.

At least, I have all twelve times today.

[And for anyone who just doesn't get it, this is a rare fully restored Soviet YAK-3 fighter from WW2, as once upon a time flown by... well, "a girl I know."]


marcoguarda said...

Hi there, B.

I wonder if you have ever seen Hayao Miyazaki's "Crimson Pig"?

It's a Japanese animated movie dating 1992 about war-heroes and air-pirates fighting for money and love all over the Adriatic Sea.

Aimed at a young audience of course, but it has got great insights about war, heroism, and love as well.


Webs said...

Obviously the delirium affected your typing skills in the post, but you got the tag right: Yak 3.


aggiebrett said...

"Porco Rosso"? I've watched portions of it on odd days when it was on TCM, but I've as yet remained untouched by that love for Miyazaki. It all seems just a tad too... I dunno-- odd. Interesting planes, though.

Yeah, yeah. Typos R Us. Corrected, and thanks.