12 November 2008

old is the new new

Sometimes you stumble across a line of a song that just... fits.

Well, when you're sitting there
In your silk upholstered chair
Talking to some rich folks that you know
Well I hope you won't see me
In my ragged company
You know I could never be alone.
--"Dead Flowers," (The Rolling Stones)

Funny how things work out.

Everything which was reviled shall over time become revered.
obliquely oblique B


Unknown said...

God, let's hope not. Some things that are reviled (the Macarena, The DaVinci Code, Dave Bliss) got to be reviled because they deserved to be reviled, and still deserve to be reviled, and (one hopes) shall be reviled forevermore. Longevity does not equal respectability in and of itself.

jj said...

I'm sending you some dead flowers.