24 July 2008

a confession: i think you're all idiots

All of you. Without exception.

And before you pull the tab on a tall frosty can of Righteous Indignation, understand that I think I am an idiot, too.

As I clitter-clatter crablike around the internet, I am amused, astounded and often a tad concerned at the just plain stoopid shit I hear us all saying with a straitface. I won;t go into any specifics, but pick a topic (any topic) and I can guarantee you that someone I know and ostensibly respect and trust is on record as saying womething in regard to that topic, something which would and should cause any intelligent person to stop what they are doing, cock their head, and ask "excuse me, but what the FUCK did you just say?"

And that's cool.

What's less cool is when some people wrap themselves in the mantle of Olympian Infallibility and act genuinely sincerely offended when you have the audacity to question their Great Truth (and if I drop many more capitalized Noun Phrases on you I might as well just start flinging the umlauts and use German...).

Part of what makes humans interesting (pretty much the only thing, oft-times...) is the hilarious unnoticed unintentional hypocrisy of their most heartfelt utterances. The grand irony which the speaker is alone in not noticing or appreciating. That moment when someone unabashedly reveals -- accidentally -- that they are as full of crap as a very large crap filled thing.

And like I said, I absolutely lost myself among that gaggle of prattling morons.

But you're all right there with me. Every single damned one of you.


deepstructure said...

absolutely. well-said. but i gotta wonder how many posts of yours are gonna need that "crablike" tag.

marcoguarda said...

Welcome to the fair, man. Have a seat.


Emily Blake said...

Not me, buddy. I am perfect in every way so you'd better take that shit back.

Worship me.