26 June 2008

genius served from a firehose

My pal Julie O was interviewed, and the interview was apparently translated into some "foreign tongue" and then auto-translated back into something which-- from a certain angle -- resembles English.

I think...

Thus, Him rickrack that a likely-regarded penner had worked forwards this sacred Technicolor Spiritus researched. I’d met the gentleman far out clatter wherewith unbounded apropos of the screenwriting performing area and gent seemed polished agreeably, powerful Superego dropped themselves a discussion.

The inter-webs are a strange place, where every word and scrap of info circles the world twice, pulls over in Slobovia for coffee and directions, then washes back ashore 18 months later in Nebraska wedged in the butt-crack of a wax statue of Claude Akins.

See the car wreck in its entirety here.

Congrats, Julie!



Julie O'Hora said...

Mm, no, actually that's pretty much the interview, verbatim. I was waxing poetic that day.

aggiebrett said...

I found a Chinese site which randomly copy-pastes entires from my blog, and I have never yet figured out any possible reason for them to do this -- they also grab random postings from a few other totally random unrelated and pointless blogs.

Maybe they're all really really confused.

Or maybe we are all really really deluding ourselves about or lack of appeal overseas. Maybe we KILL in rural Argentina, for example.

sweeper said...

It seems the both of you totally skipped Engrish crass. Otherwise, you would "get" this in all of its Technicolor spiritus splendor. Julie rickracks! I for one prefer a more unbounded apropo, if not superegoistic, clatter.

polished agreeably,
a likely-regarded penner

MaryAn Batchellor said...

"Ab initio called Dike Houseboy"? Ha! That's MUCH better than "ab initio called Pool Boy".

japhy99 said...

Throw down a good solid beat and Julie's got a hell of a hip hop record there.


Ryan Rasmussen said...

Rickrack punjab. Tag, B, you're it.

PJ McIlvaine said...

Excuse me, I left my Intergalactic Alien Transpoder Communicator Universal Translator in my other pocket. And then they went in the wash.