01 May 2008

"lazy" is hard damned work

Peter Kaufman, LA-based entertainment lawyer and cool-bloggin' host of the DealFatigue blog site, posted an interesting and insightful essay recently -- Getting Out Of Getting In Your Own Way -- in which he lamented the strange way that so many people will work so hard to avoid having to do any of the easy stuff required to put themselves in best position for success.

A great many would-be screenwriters (actually, armchair dreamers of every stripe and persuasion) could stand to read the piece and then take a few minutes to really stop and think about its implications and applicability in their own lives and pursuits.

Then again, maybe my own needs and hopes are better served by a less well-prepared array of peers and competitors... so maybe you kids oughta just ignore what he says.

Yes. I think so -- better that you just ignore that post. Continue down the same path you are now on.

Make it just that much easier for me.




Emily Blake said...

Thanks for sharing. That's good stuff.

This is the very reason I almost never turn down a party invitation. It's exhausting sometimes having an active social life, but parties are where connections are made.

It helps that I like parties anyway, I guess.

MoviePen said...

I particularly like Steve Martin's observation about being so good they can't ignore you. I think that is a prime bit of advice, especially for those trying to get some notice outside of the greater LA smog zone.

marcoguarda said...

OT, but PAGE has extended their deadline to May 31st, if interested.

I wonder if they're going to delay it further.

aggiebrett said...

Sucking is easy -- that's why so many people do it, and do it so well.

Striving for insanely great takes a little more ass-sweat, but the results are pretty much always worth more than the added effort.

Team Brindle said...

Striving for quality-- being really good at what you do-- is really the best strategy for any career. And getting to the point where you're really good is hard work.