21 February 2008

yeah yeah yeah...

We're making some changes to the old blog code.

I finally figured out how to make a three column layout work the way I wanted (no thanks to BLOGGER... yeesh...), and while I was in there I started tweaking and fiddling, so things are starting to drift around a bit from a design standpoint.

Most everything is still here, just maybe skooched around a bit.

And yes, "skooch" is a technical term used by us inter-web code-maker people-guys.

Move along.


Chesher Cat said...

You're a big fat stealer...and I don't mean bases.

Skooch is MY word. I say it to the dog known as Drama when I need him to get out of my way.

You totally knew that DUDE. You've been here. You've HEARD me say it. A LOT.

From this point forward you shall be known as BRETT the DIRTY ROTTEN WORD STEALER!!

Tavis said...

I thought it was Canadian for whiskey.