29 January 2008

Deafened But Smiling

Elmer Bernstein
The Phoenix Symphony
Koss Pro 4 studio grade headphones
one volume knob rotated as far to the LOUD as God will allow
one big damned happy smile
soundtrackin' B


marcoguarda said...

I remember when DVD was not out yet, and Dolby surround 2.0 was the latest technology available for audio systems.

It was almost from fifteen to eighteen years ago (I can't remember exactly the year, I will ask to my friends). It was a hot summer, and we had access to a very large open-space living room villa with a small outside swimming pool. (That was because a friend was hired to look after the house while the owners were on vacation. And the guy, feeling alone, called us all in.)

Well, one Saturday afternoon, after a long lazy lingering on the patio, we decided to SEE if we could tweak the stereo so that it could receive the audio-out signal from a VHS cassette player. That was quite easily taken care of, and we also found out that the big speakers of the stereo had enough wire to be moved from next to the TV to the extreme back reaches of the open-space living room.

That was the first time we had a battling Imperial Star Destroyer in a living room.

And that was memorable.

wcmartell said...

I have two pieces of music that usuakky begin mny day - MAGNIFICENT SEVEN and CONAN THE BARBARIAN. Both are on that iPod I think you say me win at Austin a couple of years ago. The iPod actually counts how many times you listen to a particular song, and both of those are in the hundreds.

- Bill