14 September 2007

i did a weird thing

I wasn't going to take part, but when a goofy idea popped into my head this week, I decided I'd go ahead and crank out a short (8 pages) to send in as part of an oddball little contest/effort/thing being run by some other aspiring writers and producers and directors and such over in "The Artful Forums" of Craig Mazin's little online treefort.

It's an absolutely ridiculous thing, and plays more like an odd skit than a real movie, but hey -- fun is fun, and writing is writing, and if this damned thing gets picked and produced and burned onto a DVD, I'll at least be able to say "hey-- SOMEBODY out there likes me. Kinda. A little."


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MaryAn Batchellor said...

Sent you a message via Artful Writer because I lost your email.