12 July 2007

havin' us some fun tonight

So right before we went on vacation to the Caymans, I lost my cellphone. As best I can determine, I either left it on the counter of a local supermarket or left it on the roof of the car while fumbling for keys. Repeated calls turned up nothing, and we could never find the damned phone. I called the wireless company and they confirmed no activity, so we deactivated the account until I could get a replacement phone up and running.

I tracked down a used near-duplicate phone I could get going for right around 50 bucks, so that was painless enough, but what has not been painless has been teh reconstruction of my address book and contact list. Saved in thye memory of that now-lost-forever phone were something like 100 numbers, with more than half of them direct lines to various LA producers and agents and other such Folks An Aspiring Writer Might Like To Know.

Most of the numbers I can reprogram in from saved emails and chatlogs, but there are some which will be difficult to replace unless the reclusive personalities inquestion re-volunteer the info.

Mainly it's just a huge pain in the ass, as it means manually rekeying a hundred names and numbers using the tiny keypad of a cellphone and the clunky multi-key coding used to input alpha text info into such devices, and of course as soon as I think I've entered all of the truly critical names and numbers I remember someone else I need to speak to, and I have to go digging through the computer to track down that info one more time.

Adding more urgency to the task is a impending trip to LA (Catalina Island) for Boy Scout summer camp, which might then include a few days of networking and buttkissery 'round Hollywood proper. Half of my LA names and numbers are still waiting to be re-entered, and I leave for SoCal pre-dawn Sunday and have at l;east four days of work to get done in the remaining two days.


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Unknown said...

Outside of immediate family and my office numbers, I think the only number I have stored in my cell phone is for PoPo #2, downtown Trenton's only Chinese restaurant that doesn't serve cat. Or at least I hope not.