17 June 2007

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair...

Change comes to everything, eventually.

The sidebar links have been updated, with some welcome additions (White Board Markers, SoCal Film Group (SFG), and at least one deletion that brings something like a tear to my eye.

Those who have been a part of the great "scriboshpere" of online-networked aspiring screenwriters probably all read Warren Leonard's The Screenwriting Life blog at some point. For years it was one of my daily first stops online, as Warren had oodles of info and links to all sorts of stuff screenwriting related, and he often ran cool little contests on his site which wound up helping a lot of people find and connect to like-minded peers out there on the web.

You'll note the consistent use of past tense in teh above paragraph, as Warren's blog is no more. At some point this past week it lapsed into the past, swallowed by the sands of time (and expired domain registrations) as Warren remains too busy (he has a very cool gig in LA, but it's neither screenwriting related nor really my business to talk about) to worry about a silly damned website.

Still, he will be missed, and I can only hope for his eventual return to our ranks of unpaid unappreciated nobodies. For now, however, when I visit the link to his old blog, the lone and level sands stretch far away.

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