10 April 2007

the new new thing

So today I got back to work on actual screenwriting. But rather than sit and stare at the long-languishing rom-com, or devoting more time to a big epic thing that I know will not work as a breakout piece, I decided to commit to doing something odd (for me): storming straight through on a rush project intended and designed for low budget production.

It’s genre, it’s concept, it’s cheesy, it’s easily produce-able, it’s filmable damned near anywhere, it has a kickass poster and tagline just screaming to be plastered on the sides of multiplexes, and it’s adaptable for use in DTV or cable usage. The fact that it’s the fruit of what was thrown out there as a total joke a year ago... well, such is life.

[NOTE-- if, as some do, you know the title and tagline, please please hold your tongue and don’t burn the punchline before the delivery of the joke. I really want to see what I can do with this, and part of the project’s charm is the idiotically perfect cheesiness of it all.]

I have most major set pieces clearly sketched out. I have the basic cast clear in my head. The story arc... well ”it’s a wresslin’ picture, Fink! How hard can it be!?!” By that I mean “the requirements an traditions of this time-honored genre are such that the structure pretty much sits there and waits for people like me to pour Story Sauce straight from the can over the waiting skeleton. Bake at 350 degrees for 88 minutes, bingo bango, you got yourself a low budget feature ready for DVD release.

Basic outline is clear. A more developed “fine outline” is maybe 1/4 done, with loads of great lines and situations revealing themselves every time I look up.

Fun fun fun. Maybe I’ll get it ready in time for contest season, and trust me—that would be hilarious, ‘cuz the idea of entering something like ... this in the Nicholl contest seems kinda like entering Gus the Field Goal Kicking Mule into the Kentucky Derby.

Which of course, is exactly the sort of idiotic stunt I’d love to pull.


suzbays said...

Good luck! I have no recollection of your idea so your secret is safe with me.

Scott the Reader said...

Cool. I can't wait. I want to read it yesterday.

Julie O'Hora said...

From all you've told me about it, it's gonna be the next LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.

I just know it.

aggiebrett said...

One of the benefits of talking so much is that important detail sometimes gets lost in the froth and foam.

I wish you could have read it yesterday.

Your attitude is being noted....

Unknown said...

Gus was the very first movie I ever saw in an actual for-real movie theater. (Not counting drive-ins.) If memory serves, my mom dragged my sister and I in at about the twenty-minute mark, so I missed the exposition -- just took it for granted that a mule could kick field goals, period.

I hope that your movie similarly warps the minds of the next generation.

Adam Renfro said...

I love that mule! Mucho good luck.

Thomas Crymes said...

I think every screenwriter should just let it loose and write a really wacky: What if Patton fought space aliens while drunk? (or equivalent)- movie.

Oh, and I'd like a couple bottles of story sauce please.

My credit card number starts with a 6.

C W Magee said...

Hey Brett:
I hope this new out there thing give you more opportunity to write in your distinctive voice.

aggiebrett said...

One day I'm really gonna have to sit down and figure out what the hell this "voice" is that some folks keep talking about.

Is it that high Donald Duck thing? Cuz that really hurts my throat afterwards.