10 March 2007

gone to LA, man

I had a much longer and cooler post about this, but the inter-web monsters reared up and ate it, so this will have to do.

I leave in about a half hour for Austin (SXSW Film Fest, where I have two different pals both premiering features), then back tomorrow morning, fly to LA, part in Hollywood Sunday night (MARTELLAPALOOZA!), then do a few days worth of meetings, including a Monday afternoon stop at Paramount.

I just love saying that.

If anything blogworthy comes out of this long strange trip, you can probably count on seeing details here after I get back late late Wednesday.

Til then, enjoy this holiday from the obligatioon to hang on my every word. The Big Bad B will return soon enough, twice as loud and geeked to the gills, no doubt.

Sayonara, suckers....

1 comment:

Ryan Rasmussen said...

You aren't back yet? Come on, man, spill it. Drive faster. Run.