06 February 2007

sick sucks

So, roiughly a week ago one of my kids comes home from school with a slight fever. He misses one day, never really seems especially uncomfortable or out of sorts, and then goes back without a care/ Two days later, I start to feel a little run down, and then I start to hack and cough a bit, and then WHAMMO—suddenly I feel like I've been tossed from a moving train.

I spent the better part of Friday, Saturday and Sunday wrapped in a blanket, in bed, moaning and groaning when i wasn't having weird fever dreams. I had to go make a token appearance at baseballl tryouts on Saturday afternoon, but given that I just needed to sit and make notes on some kids during tryouts, I figured that was low-stress enough to not rate much concern.

I was wrong.

Saturday night I was ready to crawl into a hole and die. I was snorking down so many over the counter cold and flu meds that my world was looking a lot like the Beatles's YELLOW SUBMARINE.

Sunday was 18 hours of sleep, more meds, and then Monday I went to see the doc. By the time I acatually made it in for an appointment, I was feeling a lot better. Doc spends maybe 3 minutes looking into facial openings, checks breathing, takes my temp. "Looks like you had the flu. Seems on the retreat now. Here's a scrip for some strong antibiotics. Don't waste your money unless you're feeling worse on Tuesday. See ya."

Thanks, doc.

So today I feel weirdly out of sorts—like I've been sleeping 18 hours a day for days at a stretch or something—and I have a weird nervous twitchy feeling which is probably the final bit of sinus congestion fading, and suddenly I realize that I've been MIA from productive work for almost 5 days now.


Did anything happen while I was away?