20 January 2007

writing about writing about writing

The sea is angry today, my friends. Like an old man trying to return soup at a lunch counter.

I suddenly realize that I badly need to revisit my links on this site and make some adjustments: deletions, additions, denigrations, etc. Internet years seem roughly equivalent to dog years, except a website doesn't piddle all over your living room and chew your furniture for the first year and then just become lazy and fat.

Well, some do.

Some of the links I post over in yon sidebar are now dead, while others are posting less, and some are damned near dead in terms of activity. Meanwhile, some other very cool blogs (mostly on writing and/or screenwriting) have now made it onto my Daily Waste of Time beat, so I'll likely add them if only to annoy the site-honchos with what meager yet slobbering traffic I can send.

MEANWHILE... progress continues to progress hereabouts, as the RomCom continues to look more and more like some damned Flying Dutchman of a project which will circle the world and haunt me in my dreams yet never again come in to port. A few initial reads from friends confirmed what I'd optimistically tried to dismiss as self-loathing paranoia (turns out I was right, and the script was not ready for reads after all). There's some stuff in there which I love (amusingly enough, some of which I love most is stuff which some readers liked least, but guess whose opinion carries weight and value in this process... yes, it's good to be king), and then there's other stuff which needs some slight amount of tremendous work and attention.

"Such is life."

I have some ideas and notes piling up for what seem to be the Next Big Things which I'll waste time on, but for now I'll not give details to the sorry likes of you people (I'm not nearly so dim as I seem). Right now I seem to have four (!) next ideas vying for attention, so we'll see how that shakes down.

It's time again to get medieval about writing: to wake every morning with the clear and rabid intent to put good words on paper. Screen.



Julie O'Hora said...

You go, B.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

The stuff we love most is what readers like the least... it's true, really, but why is that? How does that happen? It's a puzzlement...