10 August 2006

random and various upon a return to TX

So, it’s been a weird wild summer. This weekend will mark the first time in eight weeks that I will be at home for the weekend. In that crazy span of weeks I have been (chronologically):

• at a little league baseball tourney (Friendswood)
• networking in LA
• at another baseball tourney (Katy)
• tubing in the Hill Country
• at yet another baseball tourney (SW Houston)
• camping in the Sierras NE of Bakersfield CA
• hanging in LA with my oldest son

School started today for my three oldest kids (6th grade, 3rd grade, kindergarten), and then my youngest (the girl) starts pre-school in a little more than a week, at which point I will (ta dah!) again have glorious quiet days in which to try and write.

Which will be great, ‘cuz I suddenly feel like I’m two months behind where I am supposed to be on a few projects. That first LA trip was way cool for many reasons, but none cooler than the meeting I had with the producer/development exec for a well-known star who seemed to respond very favorably to a writing sample she’d requested as well as to the pitch and synopsis of a project I’ve been working on this year expressly for that star.

”Send that to me just as soon as you get it done -- I want to read that.”

That was a few weeks back and in the interim I’ve begged borrowed and stolen what time I could to mush forward to the point that I now have 92 pages of the initial draft saved in various locations,, and need only 25 or so more to get me to the completed first draft stage of the project (I always “write long” on the first pass, as I try out multiple passes at a gag to find which one works best on the page).

Hopefully (knock on wood grain) I’ll have something read ready in about 3 weeks, at which point I will make offerings to multiple gods (cover all ye bases, mateys) and then hurl the pile of pages off to someone who could (wow) Really make A Huge Difference.

Meanwhile I need to get medieval on the western project for a director pal of mine, and I have at least three other oddball ideas clamoring for attention like Horshack when he thinks he has the right answer.

While in LA again this past weekend, I touched base with various friend in-country there, and several of them reported very inspiring and motivating bits of potentially awesome news. No specifics to spread in public, but it’s almost as cool to see a friend hit it big as it surely will be (think positive) when I do.


So, now the trick is to stay frosty and on-point. To write write write and squeeze every damned bit of fun and emotion from every damned syllable of every word.

Coffee is for closers, baby.
back on the chain gang B


Scott the Reader said...

Sounds good. Feel free to send your baby over here for an interim read if need be.

Chesher Cat said...

I was going to offer a read but if Scott's gonna read it, who needs little ol' me?

P.S. Your kid oughta be in pictures.

aggiebrett said...

Coolio on the offers-- i'll likely take you (both) up on it. For now I need to make sure that second act thing is a good hard turn, and that all the dialog fairly well kicks with the right rhythm and snarl.

"We shall see."