25 February 2006

Why There’s Never Much Going On Here

Despite the total lack of visible verifiable curiosity on this point, suddenly I felt a need to offer a few words of explanation for the erratic infrequent addition of content to this blog.

The simple truth is "I just don’t much care about this blog.” I tend to post lots of places, often in small smart alecky bits and pieces, and if anyone were ever to know when and where to look to find these little dribs and drabs of intellectual jetsam, the resulting pile would in many ways approximate a traditional blog.

Odd little comments upon daily observations and exasperations. Hurried updates and reports on the current status of various activities and interests. Hyperbolic commentary and criticism about movies and music and politics and fashion and other such pointless concerns. Thoughts and theories about any number of inane topics upon which I have no real expertise or credibility.

You know: a regular blog.

But when I turn to this little page—when I focus my mind upon “OK, let us now bang our little cymbal for what two or three people who might have paused to see the show this month”—I get that weirdly self-conscious feeling which makes me painfully aware of just how much bullshit already is slopped up out there, and then I suddenly feel kinda like I do when I catch myself almost ready to toss a paper napkin out the car window while cruising back from a burger run.

“Don’t add to the mess, you jerk.”

I’ve started probably three times as many posts as have ever actually been posted here. More often than not, I get to some point very near the end of the draft and suddenly I hear myself saying “oh, shut up already!”, at which point I quickly hit {select ALL} then {DELETE}.

And this the word is saved at least one more unneeded stupid uninteresting self-absorbed blog post.

You’re welcome.

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