20 January 2006

UPDATE: tagging

Last week I got tagged by Julie O with the task of continuing Fun Joel's movie-related meme-poll. (Those with a lot of curiousity or very little to do can see my responses here.

At the time I didn't tag anyone to continue the thread, assuming (defensibly, IMO) that if a meme had already sunk to me then clearly it has well and fully run its course, but apparently I spoke too soon, as no sooner had I forgotten about this entire topic than Craig Mazin got dragged into the mosh-pit to answer the questions over on his usually-intelligent Artful Writer site, where Thomas Crymes spoke up perhaps a little too clearly wanting to know 'What's this meme thing all about?"

Well, Thomas, now you're tagged, so you can learn by doing.

And Susan, since you apparently have nothing to do, you can play, too.



suzbays said...


Thomas Crymes said...

I suppose this means I need one of those blog thingies. Now everyone can share in my considerable hubris.

aggiebrett said...

Hubris? Methinks you picked the wrong blog in which to complain about an overabundance of such.
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