01 October 2005

I Stand Opposed To Blogging

The irony of that statement is not lost upon me at all.

I see a lot of people devoting a lot of time to their blogs. I see a far smaller group of people doing so for any positive effect or purpose. The time-honored rule (“95% of everything is crap”) seems as true for blogs as it does for anything, and again I am not suffering any delusions concerning which grouping THIS blog would be sorted into by any objective judge.

Yet here we are.

I do not know WHY I have this blog, and I have no clear PURPOSE for wanting to have a blog, and I foresee no possible useful or rewarding reason for anyone else ever to bother looking at this odd flyspeck on the web. Most of what bitchy mewling whiny complaints I might make about people or the world around me likely will never rate mention here, as it would take more effort to post here than happiness I might ever derive BY posting here. It’s a simple cost/benefit thing — the work to whine in a blog just doesn’t seem worth the payoff of a possible pair of zippy comments from online strangers.

I’m tired. I’m bored. I have lots of other things I damned well OUGHT to be doing.

And thus I blog, despite the fact that I am opposed to blogging.

Talk amongst yourselves.

1 comment:

Scott the Reader said...

Blogging exercises your brain, and gets the blood flowing there.

We're men. We need that.